(Director of Photography/Producer) is the co-founder of the independent production company Reef Pictures in Los Angeles. She is also a partner at Sophia Filmes, an independent film production company based in Rio de Janeiro (

Carina was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she attended school to become a nutritionist. In 1996 she moved to the United States where she would discover her love of cinematography. During her study at the California State University Long Beach film school, Sanginitto would hone her talent for lighting films. She shot six short films while at CSULB, including Contend (2004) and The TV Broke (2005), the award-winning short films helmed by her husband, Gerson. She would go on to lens two more films under Gerson’s direction, the features Maximum Cage Fighting (2005) and Beyond the Ring (2006), the latter of which she also served as co-producer.

Since then, Carina acted as producer on Reef Pictures first feature film, The Morgue (2007). Her technical expertise came of paramount importance on the film, where she worked closely with director of photography Jack Anderson in order to orchestrate the schedule so that the crew was able to accomplish even the most equipment-heavy shooting days. Sanginitto then went on to lens Reef’s second feature, the revenge thriller Big Game (2007), and continued on to photograph the following features: Commander And Chief (2008), Area Q (2009), As Maes de Chico Xavier (2010), Cine Holiudy (2010), A Vidente (2011), Rainhas do Carnaval (2012), Breaking Bread (2013) and Vestido Pra casar (2014).


Anjo por Encomenda – (Producer) – comedy, fiction, feature, Brazil. Starring Rodrigo Sant’anna - Director: Paulo Aragão. Distributor – California Filmes. Status – Financing.

Nada é por Acaso – (Producer) – drama, fiction, feature, Brazil. Starring Giovanna Antonelli and Domingos Montagner - Director: Jorge Fernando. Based on a book by Zibia Gasparetto. Distributor – Europa Filmes. Status – Financing.

Comando de Resgate – (Director of Photography/Producer) – action/thriller, fiction, feature, Brazil. Status – Script in development.

The Secret of Lampião – (Director of Photography) – action/adventure, fiction, feature, Brazil. Status – Story in development.

Carnaval Queens – (Director of Photography) – documentary – USA/Brazil. Director: Claudia Castello. The samba schools in Brazil organize the biggest party in the world known as Brazilian Carnival. This is an overview of lives of beautiful women who work the whole year to prepare for one single day when they become the iconic figure of their community as their drums’ queen.

Status – Post-production.