A father’s relentless search for his son leads him to an extraordinary discovery that will change his life forever. Thomas Mathews (Isaiah Washington, GREY’S ANATOMY, ROMEO MUST DIE, CLOCKERS, TRUE CRIME) is an outstanding reporter, recognized in the journalistic circle as the man who goes after the facts to reveal the truth. He is the winner of the Conscience-in-Media Award for exposing a toxic spill scandal by a big corporation. His life takes a turn when his son disappears. It’s been a year and Thomas hasn’t found out anything about the kidnapping. The obsessive search for a lead that could explain Peter’s case has turned his life upside down. Thomas is losing his house and his job. His boss, Dylan, in order to help, offers him a special assignment in which Thomas has to investigate close encounters of the first, second and third kind, and even miraculous healing. The only set back is that Thomas has to go to Ceara, Brazil. He definitely doesn’t want to leave Los Angeles because a new lead might come up. After the struggle, he decides to go. In Brazil, he investigates stories about the sightings that have  occurred in the small towns of Quixada and Quixeramobim, known as Area Q. During the investigation a series of unexpected events derails his original plan, which is to get the story and leave as soon as possible. Thomas finds himself struggling to believe what he has been witnessing, and he slowly begins to realize that he is about to face the biggest discovery of his life.